Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Visual representations / Word clouds

As you like have gathered if you follow this blog often, I like images. I saw a mosaic of words weighted by their frequency of use in the recent federal government throne speech. It fires my imagination to view information in new ways.

Yesterday I saw one ranking different health supplements against a "worth it" line. I couldn't help but check it out when I saw the url listed as

Snake oil? Oh pahleeze! I love it. In the upper right hand corner there is a tab to click on that allows one to play around with the data. I also love that the data sources are quoted.

Here's one on what the Chinese government censors online. Tremendous.

created at


  1. that's hilarious that Bad is ranked higher than guitar for you

  2. It was kind of fun to play with the parameters of the input. Not that I don't struggle to remain positive... just sayin'.