Friday, February 11, 2011

Jersey Shore - bottom feeding

A young aquantance commented to me that it wasn't "cool" that I was showing some disrespect for the TV show Jersey Shore.

Some of the "cool" kids seem to love the show. I'm not cool by their standards, but I'm thinking they may have misunderstood the term. It's tough to see much of the world when you're viewing it from the bottom feeders perspective and I know that. There might be a bit of sky above, but most is lost when looking from the bottom of the barrel. I really don't mean to be disrespectful, but my distaste for bottom feeding humans can be overwhelming for me and does influence my behaviour at times. This may be one of those times, I'm not sure. I don't have a hate on for bottom feeders, I just think a spade should be called a spade.

Here are some of the ways to obtain the real deal, ever potent, knock them dead types of cool. Don't be fooled by cheap imitations.

Read a book.

Have a dream.


Love someone.

Understand self respect.

Have mentors.

Experience intimacy.

Get your hands dirty working in a garden.

Do your own laundry, well.

If you think it seems wrong, reverse the gender roles and check.

Make love, don't rut.

Practise empathy.

Exceed your own expectations periodically.

Sweat for joy often.

Have kids so you can finish growing up.

Make a plan.

Learn from history.

Make music.

Tame an animal.

Eat real food.

Consider karma.

Hunt with a skilled hunter at least once, especially if you eat meat.

Talk to strangers.

Detach with love.

Be kind.


Don't think with the little head.

Do something nice for someone and don't tell anyone and don't get found out.

Be as still as you can twice a day.


Teach a dog a trick.

Take humility on as a life skill.

Admit you're wrong and apologise early and sincerely.

People before stuff, always.

Men before boys.

Eat something wild every now and again.

Adapt to the seasons with vigour.

Enjoy a winter bonfire.

Care for your body well enough that it responds unmistakably.

Don't fear risk, learn about it.

Ask lots of questions.

Learn another language and remember what it's like to be ignorant.

Don't forget your bike.

Smell a horse.

Acknowledge your shortcomings.

Swing an axe well at least once.

Learn to throw a ball.

Be grateful.

Try not to take things personally.

They wouldn't call them blind spots if we could see them.

Love the one you win.