Friday, February 19, 2010

Old Dark Side of the Moon set list

Brother Biff prompted my memory with a set list from an old concert this morning, but it didn't match my memory. I can't believe what trusting souls we were back then. I was young! I was heading into grade eight and off to a sold out arena rock concert in downtown Vancouver. I'm not sure I could swallow letting one of our kids follow in that path at that age now. Maybe that's just the nature of becoming a parent now.

We sat a few rows up off the floor, stage right, and the guy next to me had some really nice hash. It would be nice to recall all the films they played, but that was likely the most memorable rock concert I ever attended regardless of the memory gaps. There was a round screen above the stage where they played the films. There was quadraphonic sound that they exploited at every opportunity. The speakers were positioned around the middle level around the coliseum in three places and the stage. The heart beat preceeding Speak to Me began at very low levels long before the lights went out. It was epic. Probably the best sound I've ever heard in an arena. It left me deeply impressed even now. Thanks M&P for helping to make it happen. Music continues to be a big feature in our lives here.

The Dark Side of the Moon remains a fascinating piece of music. Seemingly free of hindrance from corporate influence. Brilliant and still a pleasure to enjoy. David Gilmour's current projects still interest me.

I was really young. Beginning of grade 8? The concert began with Speak to Me and from what I remember, simply ran through the album with some extended versions. It became a legendary ticket date for me and others. I suspect the Godfrey kids had something to do with me getting there, permission wise, but maybe not. I'll have to talk to Mum about how it was that contemporary music was so well supported by my parents. It meant some very big driving dates for them at that point. I have some recall of being intimidated by the crowds so the time fits even though I can hardly imagine being in grade eight any more! My girlfriend Jan and I shared a seat for most of the night.

I'm getting all nostalgic thinking about seeing some of my family on the left coast next week.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

CTV Superbodies and Jaques Villeneuve sliding skeleton

Best Oly CTV feature spot so far. A special feature with a Jon Montgomery, the skeleton specialist from Russell MB., introducing Jacques to just how tough skeleton can be.

The link at CTV to the clip for those that can stream. Scroll down on the left to "How Tough Are These Sports?: Montgomery & Villeneuve"

They introduced Jacques at the lowest level and then in four stages moving up the hill each time. Soon he wanted to go from where the big boys begin at the very top. They were obviously unprepared for his enthusiasm. The guy's glee at doing something really stupid and really fast was pretty darn cool, I gotta say.

I gather that this clip was shot last April at the Olympic track in Lake Placid NY so it's not exactly news, but I hadn't seen it and I'm a Villeneuve fan, so there.

There is something very charming about a grown man with that part of his boyhood still intact.

I looked, but couldn't find where to stream this from the CTV site. Bandwidth challenged...

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

watch and shirt

Today Snoot was celebrating the shirt she made and I was celebrating the luxury of the work I do.


This little pretty watch comes to me all the way from Washington State. The engraving is still crisp. It's quite well preserved. What a treat!


Tuesday, February 2, 2010


My Mum phoned today to see if I was still alive so I thought I'd best post something.

I'm well into the second sleeve of the charcoal sweater and rather fixated on the work. I ran yesterday for fun. I've got doctors fussing about my heart so I haven't been running. They told me to not do anything too stressful. Yesterday I decided that was a relative term not an absolute one. I have a murmur that looks like a bit of grief. Apparently my maternal grandfather had dance with a heart attack at 42 so I suppose the possibilities are undeniable.

I still answer the phone, but I'm really chasing this sweater. It's time to cut wood and not be knitting at all! Gotta go.