Friday, March 19, 2010

More laser welding magic

I've done repairs for and business with Gold-N-Memories in Steinbach for many years. They are wonderful people to deal with. No hissy fits when the train comes off the tracks, no blame game, just an interest in getting to the station in once piece with smiles all round. More joy! How can that be a bad thing?

They are the only wholesale account I kept once I began to concentrate only on freelancing. I didn't want to go in to deliver and pick up work there today. I would have rather stayed home in the shop, but it turned out to be a lot of fun.

I had left a dial for Andy, the goldsmith, to look at. He's become very good with a very powerful tool in his laser welder and I'm getting more imaginative about the things I ask him to fix for me.

Today the task was to fixture the two broken dial feet back onto the dial of an old Seiko wrist watch. I should have left something recognisable in the shot below, but forgot and don't have time enough to play. I think the alignment pin showing in the image below might measure 1.5mm and that's a pretty weld where Andy has attached it back from whence it came. How handy is that? Lovely!

Dials sometimes go wonky after they suffer a shock. The mass of the dial is just too much for the tiny alignment pins, or feet, to support and wango tango off they come. Usually these have to be jury rigged or incur some serious expense, but not now! Thanks Andy! His custom jewellery work is very good on many levels.


Here's a rough casting of Andy's from last week that shows a stage where your custom piece might begin it's precious metal life. He makes these up in wax before casting them


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