Monday, January 26, 2009

ibanez RG220b

This looks like it was a sweet deal. Now to get it home.


Sunday, January 25, 2009

bread for Pam's bday party

Wow was this stuff tasty. I got lots of comments on it's good flavour. I liked the taste of it too, but the crumb was fine and it was very moist and light. Lovely!

Loaves of good stuff fresh from the oven for Pam's 40th bday party. What a fun mix of theatre, hockey and running folks.
Breakmaking Pam's 40th - risen loaves

cooked loaves


middle loaf

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Duct-tape dress form

Boo found the answer for her budget issues regarding a dress form. Classic thinking outside the box. A click or two on the image will take you to a decent tutorial on making a cheap and good dressmakers form.

Snoot and I had another roaring bonfire tonight. What a treat to be out under the stars playing at night.

Monday, January 19, 2009


I'm getting some good traction these days, but I know the dark days of winter have wily tentacles so I keep a sharp eye out for those. I feel like I can't get too much time outside. Mum told me that when I was a baby it was common practice to ensure babies had time outside everyday even in the winter. I have come to believe that regardless of age, time spent outside is a very good thing.

This weekend was a brilliant little reprieve from the harsh winter weather. With little or no wind, the temperature was in the single digits below freezing. We didn't seem much of the sun, but there was no snow to shovel and it was fantastic to be out of doors.

I walked into the living room on Saturday morning to find Snoot with a plastic pail in her hands looking a little pale. I set to work to encourage her which began with a bonfire. She's been fighting a flu/cold since before school was let out for the holiday season. Everyone here has battled this strain except me and stories are common where symptoms have been worse than what we experienced here.

When one cuts wood the hard way, without the use of tractors and such, it's often a devil's task for me to feel generous enough or that there is enough wood in the winter stock pile, to afford a big bonfire. One of the brush piles from last winter's cutting was within sight of the house and although good for the rabbits and all those that seek refuge from predators, it was a bit of any eye sore.

I got what I wanted out of the bid to give Manon a boost and Mother Nature was right there with us. There was plenty of fuel for the fire in that store of branches and there is still fuel for more. With three big double teamed efforts the pile retains about a third of it's contents. It reminds me that I had better make a beginning on the next years heating resource sometime soon.

I'll be interested to hear what kind of day Snoot had at school today and whether I can still see that nasty flu taking it out of her through her eyes.

I also got a drum machine loaded up to assist the music making and Snoot thought that was pretty cool.

It's a run day for me. I hope you all can find time to smell the fresh air where you are.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

dental filling

I had a go round philosophically barbing words back and forth with the internationally well rounded blues man Son of Dave the other day.

I managed not to bite the hooks, while he intimated that I would be a mere workman and he be thugh man... the artist. The older I get the more I think the big ship of things is all about being happy. I'm not suggesting for a moment that I've got that one in the bag, but I have pondered a thing or two along these lines before. He did not appear to be very happy. Humility is the real deal.

Today, very happy, I saw my new dentist for my first bit of work done under his flag. Two fillings were installed. One of them on the upper left and the other on the upper right. Four injections in all and bullet proof anesthetic I must say it was. What an artiste! I loved the work atmosphere in that office. When he was done with my first filling the assistant exclaimed, "nice one!" I grunted and Lorne, we're all about the first names you know, suggested I could see when they got me an image of it to post on my fridge for all to enjoy.

I don't remember having fun at the dentist before. Is that legal? It made me happy and a little sore. I think my dentist is an artist in more than a couple of ways. All the worlds a stage.

We got into some stories about traveling and bass guitars and walked on the sunny side of the street. It was brilliant.

I paid $132.00 for nail polish last week. For twenty two months I've been toying with a toe nail that smells like pumpkin and looks like it belongs in the garden with the pumpkins. Some of you may remember the 30km polar bear run across the frozen Lake Winnipeg. The fall out from that adventure was a toenail that I might have lost, but didn't and now it's kind of funky if you know what I mean.

My doctor is a bit of a flake. The insecure should not be allowed to be in positions of leadership. Really. Again, it's not that I bit the hooks, but whoa, incompetence is a nasty foe when you're really after a team player. I dread the day I need help to stay alive.

I did have some evidence show up this week that I am in fact wholly mortal as suspected. I've got some "severe" degeneration of a couple of discs in my neck. Specifically between C4-5 and C6-7. Judith, my physio goddess, had me change some things about my head carriage and wango tango I've got some relief.

PU's in the city for a couple of days so Snoot and I had a great time cranking out the music tonight. Thank heavens for teens. It is going to be very lonely here without them once Snoot moves on. Just one left in the nest. Gawwww!

Speaking of teens. I got some fuel, a tank and propeler for the little .9cc engine I fixed up the other day. If I get some work done tomorrow maybe I'll take some time to play and see if I can get the thing to run. Too bad I don't have a camera that will shoot video with sound anymore. Bumms...

I also bought a guitar today. It's in Seattle with my middle brother. He's the master consumer, but he had to play catch up on the guitar thing. It only took him a few hours to pace me though. Another artist. It's all in how you look at art or intelligence for that matter. There are all kinds of types. I got a screamer new fashioned Ibanez RG220b that's used and a bit beat up, but a solid addition to the fold. Biff said he made it scream like a pig tonight. Apparently my nephew thinks it's cool, but my sister in law isn't nearly so keen on it.

Tattoos next?

Dental extravaganza! Who has time to play anymore? I do! My dentist does too. Not dead yet...


Thursday, January 8, 2009

Seeking guitar

If anyone has an electric guitar they would part with for a reasonable sum, please contact me.