Thursday, March 4, 2010

Olympus FE-110

Ya, ya, ya, I need more sleep. That's a constant.

I need a camera to do macro well. I need to document my work and most of that is small. I can show clients what they are buying if I can get a decent representation of the work. I also like to give people good photographic evidence of their time pieces in case they ever go missing or get damaged.

Dad gave me this five year old Olympus to play with and it's turned out to be a superb little camera for close up work. For a 5 megapixel camera I can hardly believe the high quality of the close up shots. This one below was shot today, hand held, compressed and saved in jpg format which is not the best for quality, yet I continue to be impressed. I'd buy another one of these little cameras anytime. I bet used, they are dirt cheap.


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