Monday, October 25, 2010

Busy in the fall - the news from home

The summer is always busy, but I let work slide to spend a lot more time with loved ones through the summer and by the time the place is my own again I'm in a panic. The weather being as fickle as it is, introduces variables that demand I prioritize well and carefully. That task is not my strong suit.

For six or seven weeks it's been a blur of intense activity. The backlog in the shop is slowly being whittled away at. To that end it's been a very enjoyable bit of whittling. My clients are the best. I rarely treat them to the promptness they deserve, but they rarely complain about the quality of the work. If I can't have it all, I'll take the latter. They provide me with some fantastic work challenges.

This summer and fall have provided a terrific growing season. It must have been moist or something different that way, because the potatoes are very rapidly decomposing in the root cellar. I don't think the garlic will keep as well this year either, although the drying cycle was nearly perfect to my way of thinking. Not sure what's up with that. PU thinks it was the amount of rain, but I'm not convinced.


The garden work is gratefully over. The gardens got a good dose of very well rotted manure and I've made arrangements for another good supply for next year. I was really disappointed in the carrots this year so I spent many hours with the tiller in the gardens ensuring the seed beds are as deep and light as they can be.


The bike project is well under way. Snoot has such amazing confidence when she puts her mind to something. She should make a competent rider if she can avoid the evil ones that don't see bikes as vehicles, or don't see them at all. The world is a scary place, but she's not to be denied and neither was I. Snoot is finding the contrast between the dirt bike and the street bike to be entertaining I think. She's learning!

The wood is safely put away for the winter stove warmth and the mower is finally put away for the winter. I have all the mounts, electrical connections and exhaust off the riding mower motor, ready to rebuild the top end over the winter. I don't know how many hours of use are on that 17hp B&S, but I'm pretty sure it's time for a ring and valve job. I'm looking forward to doing it up right. Working on the bike this summer has really sparked my interest in toying with larger machines again. Anyone have a bike for sale?

I've been looking at bikes for sale since spring. It's getting painful. There are so many good bikes out there at reasonable prices. Mid life crisis here I come.

Not my shot, but maybe someday I'll get to own one.

BMW R100s cafe racer

The guitar is moving along well enough. I got a bone bruise on my left hand pinkie finger hammering on the the fretboard. I'm going to have to back off on the enthusiasm there some I think. If I want it to heal up I will, at any rate.

My back is killing me. New beds didn't seem to help. The flies are disgusting. My wife is the best. The food is good and I'm not dead yet. More will be revealed.
Be well all.