Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Visiting M&P

Home from a week on the wet/left coast. The older I get the more I enjoy my parents company. Dad made up shortbread to send home and Mum slipped some budding daffodils, a Greek geranium cutting and a few healthy sprigs of rosemary into my bag on the way out.

Brother Bruce came up from Seattle for the weekend and brought his usual treasure trove of laughs with him. Some fine IPA's too. PU refers to an IPA as an Indiana Pale Ale which I thought was very funny.

I played a lot of guitar while I was there and maybe more importantly I saw the end of the sweater project. It's done! Not surprisingly, it shows off some "gotchas" of a novice knitter. I'm happy enough with the effort and was glad to celebrate it with Mum. She was very generous in her support throughout. I have three skeins remaining. Now what? Like there is a shortage of ideas on any of the gazillion fronts I seem to mismanage regularly.

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