Saturday, June 20, 2009

Saturday morning

What a neighbourhood. Catching jack fish ten minutes from home as egrets pass over head and loons call to assure me of our rural status. Tannin rich water, azure sky and the youthful company of Snoot all made for a great way to begin the day. That kid could fish every day all day without complaint.

Came home and went for a run and had only two cars pass me, but it was midday and that's the busy season. Mighty was washing the floors for Mum and Snoot jumped on the mower to knock back the evergreen grass lawn. Mighty's friend N. provides humour and smiles with popcorn clouds over head.

The night before the marathon means a feast of carbohydrates with the Running Mania crew! Someday I'll join them on Fathers day for 26.2 .

With the wood out of the way I've been enjoying getting back on the road and logging my miles again. I have a plan. First up will be to crack the one hour 10km distance on a race day.

The girls are off to St. Malo beach which is ten minutes from home. What a neighbourhood.
Keep on the sunny side...

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