Saturday, June 20, 2009

2.4kg of fine wool fibre

Late Edit - It's not wool. So sad. Blanket material at best. Bah.


Yum. Wool! I've dipped my toe in the knitters basket and found counting a challenge. To honour this bountiful gift I will do what I can.

Thank-you Pam, for leading the purge and thank-you Karen and Steve for following suit. Thank-you Mum for telling stories of Scottish maidens pulling their cardigans through wedding rings and then scaring me with cardigans. Thanks to aunt Rita for embedding the clatter of knitting needles into my soul.

The grey is very fine and my imagination is spinning with ideas.

The burgundy is brilliant for sweater material.

The pink will no doubt suit Boo just fine. Oh my, my.

The basket contents

Close up of the burgundy

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