Monday, June 22, 2009

Prairie Day

Looking to get out of the city and into a day of rural fun and education? I've been involved in a couple of these and they are great. I got this information in an email last week. Even if you can't make it for Prairie Day, the trails give access to some really cool prairie habitat. If you book a group of ten or so they'll provide a guide. On Prairie Day you won't want for resources. Watch for Laura, she is my favourite biologist. Doesn't everyone have one? Laura also holds outstandingly good wild edible workshops, but everyone should come to the Prairie Day anyway.

Here's a link to Laura's wilderness workshops. I can't find the wild edibles link. It must be time to sleep soon. Here's a link to the archive for one of my experiences with Laura's wild edibles workshop. Here's her facebook group page.

It's just good fun with a lot of interesting talks on various aspects of the flora and fauna no matter what you sign up for.

I got the poster for Prairie Day as a pdf file. If anyone wants it, please say so and I can email it to you.


Hi there,
We hope you can help us spread the word about Prairie Day, taking place on
Saturday, August 8th! This is also the 20th Anniversary of the
establishment of the Preserve and there will be a few evening activities as
well as a supper at the Gardenton Park!

Please tack up a copy our the Prairie Day poster (see attachment) in your
coffee room, neighbourhood grocery store, etc. Or forward it to family,
friends and co-workers who might be interested in attending.

Hope to see you on August 8th,
Christie, Laura and Erin
Manitoba Tall Grass Prairie Preserve
Gardenton, MB
Ph. 1-204-425-3229

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