Tuesday, October 20, 2009

H1N1 Virus information

I've been interested in how the media has been spinning the information regarding the flu pandemic. In particular, I was missing the southern hemisphere trends that should be a harbinger of what's to come for us. I had time on the weekend to delve into the topic a bit and came up with a couple of links that seem agreeable to me.

If you have places on the web that you're enthusiastic about, that cover a different aspect of influenza, please share them with me.

These are the global trends. Of note was the difference between Canada and the U.S.. The rates of infection in the states seem to be much higher per capita.

I'll be taking my chances with my immune system at the helm and not getting the flu shot. Be the club. Neti pot!

Here's the hard data on what's happening globally:

Here's some information on the various vaccines:


  1. I thought yesterday's article in the Free Press, "Fewer Trick or Treaters" because of H1N1 was taking media hysteria a little bit far.

  2. I heard a "streeter" on CBC radio today asking people if they were getting up tight about shaking hands. I sighed.

    So far I haven't heard anyone suggesting anyone should be watching their ice cream and junk food intake so I guess we aren't headed to hell in a hand basket just yet.

  3. From the perspective of someone in a risk group (I have asthma), I am more concerned about the flu this year. I admit it. I have never got a flu shot in my life and for the first time I am actually considering it...if I can prevent being knocked on my arse not able to breathe then I might take the risk of the vaccine. It is a tough decision to make.