Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Pleiades rising

The Pleiades - Seven Sisters (M45) are peeking through the haze on the eastern horizon when I take the dogs out before bed. Soon it will be joined by Orion and the fall hunt will be on. Time really does march along at a good clip.

The Pleiades are better viewed through binoculars mounted on a tripod or steady rest than through a telescope. I love seeing them again as they mark the passing season for me. In the summer it's the amazingly dense M13 star cluster over head in Hercules that defines the season. It's way better in a scope. In winter it's always Orion that keeps me company even on casual outings.

The fall is a comfortable time to be out viewing the night sky. Let me know if you're interested in losing some sleep. You can scan some charts and set you agenda and we'll go hunting the sky together sometime. Tonight looks like a good night to be out if I could keep my eyes open!

The water is so low in the river that it's soundless from the house. It's glorious to have this warm dry spell after so much cold and wet weather. I'm basking in it regularly like a lizard might depend on it for sustaining life.

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