Wednesday, September 16, 2009

knitting a scarf in plastic

First project is done. I learnt a lot doing it, but I've got a long way to go before any of it is second nature. I finished this five footer the day before yesterday and am well into the next one. Eventually I'll graduate to an honourable fibre. Thanks to Karen for the yarn, Mum and Rita for the painful (for them) introduction.

6mm kneedles.
Cast on 30+
- Row 1 & 3 Slip one as purl, purl one, * k2 p2
- Row 2 & 4 Slip one as knit, k1 p2 k2
- Row 5 Slip one as purl p1 k2tog without slipping from the needle then k first st again and take off needle p2
- Row 6 Slip one as knit, k1 p2 k2tog as row 5 k2 remaining at the end of the row.

* = repeat
tog = together
p = purl
k = knit



  1. Good practice. Pretty darn good tension my friend!


  2. Thanks.
    I'm done the second one now and it's time to do one in a variegated bright worsted 75%-25% wool/poly. Oh, shiny! ;^)

    Then a cowl type thing.