Monday, August 31, 2009

Mmmm sweet, thick walled peppers and sauce

How's this. I should have weighed this thing. It was plump with water and fragrant like a pepper should be.


Dinner was the unknown fresh pasta dish, although I cheated tonight and used the store bought carbs (spaghetti).

Here's the deal. In the morning add olive oil and saute onions, garlic and a good whack of bruised basil together until the onions are "just" sweet. Toss in a 5ml of dry mustard to help emulsify the sauce and another generous splash of Paprika for colour. Add crumbled (small bites are what I like for size) feta cheese until you're happy with the quantity. Depending on how much salty cheese you put in there, add pickling salt to help break down the tomatoes. I used our abundant cherry tomatoes today. They were very sweet. It was a nice balance with the hot peppers I added.

Turn off the heat leaving all the ingredients in high live colours still and walk away for the day and let it stew. I add some fresh ground pepper too if I feel like it.

Once it's stewed several hours and you've stirred it, tended it and tasted it. Cook your pasta and heat your sauce only enough to make it quickly hot and then serve with imaginative breads, cheeses, wine and company.

I have no idea what this stuff is supposed to be called. I have just evolved this way. Please enlighten me if I've stolen and idea from the classic repertoire. It's a fresh summer tomato sauce.

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