Thursday, August 13, 2009

humidity and beans

The humidity index must have been well into the upper reaches of the scale today. Snoot and I set out for a run and immediately felt the heavy air working against us. We took it slowly and enjoyed the time out.

We took the dogs with us and when Rosie came in afterward, she just fell to the cooler floor with a thud panting to beat the band. Snoot and I played some football after dinner and dishes tonight and that's when I noticed that hydration issues might have to be addressed. It's been ages since I have been caught short on fluid, but today I missed my levels by a country mile. Suffice it to say that urine should not bring paint colours to mind.


Brenda G. was gracious in getting us some beans. Ours seem to be rotting before they can be harvested in any serious quantity. I French cut what we had and they went into the freezer. PU put another four bags away today, but we should be swimming in beans and we are not. Not a single cuke yet either. Normally I'd have four liter jars of fresh water dills brewing on the counter by now with the larger culls in abundance. Having peas in the middle of August is a bit weird too, but the taste fabulous!


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  1. I love the look of a tired dog. And you blog looks good, too!