Friday, August 14, 2009

Last year's garlic and hail

The fruit was superb and the drying conditions were excellent. We have never had garlic keep through a full year before this, although we've tried. This is the last of what was harvested in August of 2008. It's all about the food.

Walking on the sunny side of the street is best when living with what Mother Nature doles out. I'm trying, I really am. Yesterday we had a hail storm that delivered hail the size of ping pong balls that were dancing off the ground like stones dropped on a drum skin. It was a bit disheartening for the gardeners.

We saw cars today that were not up to that type of abuse and some were looking severely pocked. Maybe we can squeeze out a paint job or two on claims here too. We only had 10mm of rain though which is 10mm more than we needed, but not nearly as much as many others had. Cutting the grass every three or four days in August is getting a bit tiresome. Moanin'


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