Sunday, March 13, 2011

Pulled pork

The second attempt at making pulled pork went off very well.

I browned up the cheap roast ($3.98) quite hard. I packed it into the bottom of the slow cooker smelling like heaven after it was browned. Lightly cooked a couple chopped garlic cloves, the spices and a medium onion in the same pot I used to brown the meat, gathering up all that brown goodness.

I added a half teaspoon of dry mustard to help emulsify the sauce, as I usually do in similar circumstances. The spices were comprised of a half teaspoon of quatre épices, (my own mix), a half dozen whole all spice, pepper and some dried garden hot peppers. I didn't feel it needed salt. Your mileage may vary.

Once cooked, I removed the roast, strained the liquid and reduced it all to a thin gravy consistency and then added it back to the meat, tossed it up and served. One of the wonderful things about an over cooked bit of cheap meat like this is it's easy to drain away a lot of fat and separate out the naughty bits before consumption begins in earnest. Darn tough not to sample as I went along.

Adding a bit of vinegar to the meat adds just that extra something special.

I was really happy with my concoction. Lots of pork flavour. Now I don't think I can wait until next Christmas to make up big pot of petit cochon.

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  1. Mmmmmm, pulled pork. When I eventually make it back home we shall cook together! :D