Tuesday, May 4, 2010

These needles feel so exotic

These needles feel so exotic. I was talking to Mum earlier today about procuring wool that's got more lanolin in it than the yarn I knit the sweater from this winter. Soft and smooth was on my mind. These needles are as smooth as silk and so light. I hope they work well. They feel fantastic.


Ram Wools Yarn Co-op was on my list of stops today on my city adventures. I was wearing a ball cap with a "Got Root" Tux Penguin on it and got busted as a Linux user. Apparently Ram Wools Yarn is a Linux shop using only open source software and operating systems for their business. How wonderful! What smart folks they must be. No malware to fear, no baffle gab from winduhs.

As I'm heading out the door with my purchases one of the women stopped me with, "Here's a free pattern for you." I like Linux humour. I never thought knitting and Linux would cross paths for me, but I have been happily proven wrong.


Maybe not for everyone.


  1. You can get some undyed wool from knitpicks.com for a pretty good price that still has lanolin in it. I think you can also treat any wool (except superwash)after it's been made into something with lanolin to increase it's waterproof-ness.

  2. Thanks Trish. Between Mum and a reasonably comprehensive primer I was given at Ram Wools, I'm good to go on the grease. I'm looking forward to finding some local spinners. If I could find some yarn that's agreeable I'd love to get a little closer to the sheep, so to speak.