Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bike project

I don't know a more reliable way to get a rise out of my women folk than to suggest even the smallest investment of time and energy in a bike project.

There is some deep hard wiring involved there, but I have some of that going on myself when it comes to bikes. What's bred in the bone and all. More will be revealed.

The tank is filled with scale. I'd say there might be a few centimetres of shrapnel rattling around in there. If it doesn't leak already, it might when there is liquid in there.


One of my favourite colours. Monkey shit brown.


The signal button is very sluggish and only the left side signals show any life. The front right side signal lens is broken. The missing mirrors shouldn't be too difficult to replace.


The seat is in really nice shape and we have all the covers for the ignition and such. I figure we can drop those rear shocks down and Snoot will be able to straddle it.


The carbs are all cleaned up and it runs every so nicely. The exhaust is intact.


The Tach is really sluggish, but the future is bright I'm sure.


Giving Mum's everywhere a reason to tell cautionary tales. Breeding for progress!


  1. I see why you wanted a dirty shop now

  2. The dirty shop was a cry for woodworking space, but this isn't the first time a machine has elbowed it's way into a forward position in line.

  3. the signal lights for this vintage beauty are pretty common on almost all makes honda YAMAHA kawi, all use the same screw pattern and size, I'm not sure but there may be a few of them with my stuff in storage at dales place. If there welcome to them. as for the gas tank I've used very coarse sand VERY... and varasol about 1 cup sand and 1 lit var close lid shake vigoursely atleast till your left arm wants to come out of its socket temporarily take a break change mixture repeat if done properly will look like the day it was made... toodles for now..Ian Mac Kinnon

  4. The only stubbling block is the tank. The signals are easy. I'll see what's at Dale's though. Cool, thanks.