Thursday, February 18, 2010

CTV Superbodies and Jaques Villeneuve sliding skeleton

Best Oly CTV feature spot so far. A special feature with a Jon Montgomery, the skeleton specialist from Russell MB., introducing Jacques to just how tough skeleton can be.

The link at CTV to the clip for those that can stream. Scroll down on the left to "How Tough Are These Sports?: Montgomery & Villeneuve"

They introduced Jacques at the lowest level and then in four stages moving up the hill each time. Soon he wanted to go from where the big boys begin at the very top. They were obviously unprepared for his enthusiasm. The guy's glee at doing something really stupid and really fast was pretty darn cool, I gotta say.

I gather that this clip was shot last April at the Olympic track in Lake Placid NY so it's not exactly news, but I hadn't seen it and I'm a Villeneuve fan, so there.

There is something very charming about a grown man with that part of his boyhood still intact.

I looked, but couldn't find where to stream this from the CTV site. Bandwidth challenged...

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