Thursday, December 24, 2009

Holidays, chickens and yardage

The holiday celebrations are upon us again. The chickens are laying so poorly that I'm buying eggs. Bah. It's been ages since I was in the city so haven't caught up with anyone there in ages. Bah. Life on the farm is fabulous. Yeah! I love shortbread. I miss my family. My mother in law is a boat load of fun to have around. I have lots of work. All the laundry is done. I get to have all my girls home tomorrow.

Knitting is clipping along. It's meditative. Well it's meditative after a certain amount of learning has been accumulated. I'm quite certain my first sweater project won't be too small. Whether I have enough wool to complete it or not is still in question.

Dad send shortbread. He's good. He's very good at making shortbread. Marmalade too actually. I'll have to figure out where to buy some Seville oranges here.

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