Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Maybe not the warmest or most luxuriously warm dry summer, but the sun has provided some significant contributions in photosynthesis. The harvest begins with rhubarb I think then we go through green onions, radishes, spinach and such, but the work horse of the garden yielded up it's first fruit today.


Cool damp summers sure do produce some wonderful cabbage. Between cabbage and chickens the back bone of the subsistence life is built I think. They are both so incredibly durable. They keep well, they produce in almost any conditions and even if the quality is lacking the quantity isn't usually seriously affected.

This year the cabbage are about as perfect as they come. Now hail? Life in the fast lane...


  1. That is one beautiful cabbage.

  2. Thanks. Just like so many things it's as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside. With too much rain they can get so dense as to split in half and that is miserable for cleanliness. I love cabbage lightly cooked with a smidgen of Basel margarine or butter, lots of fresh ground pepper and some white vinegar. I have to get to bed before I start to cook.